Bannair bannair


Bannair – revolution in air-advertising

Revolutionary innovation in air-advertising.

Bannair is a new generational 3-D cylindrical shaped air-towed display device with internal airflow.

Upgrade from 2D to 3D.
From flat banner to the cylindrical shape.
In case of using Bannair not only a logo but

the product itself „hovering” in fromt of the target group.

Fields of usage:

Any cylindrical shaped product (e.g. beverages, beers, energy drinks, toothpastes, deodorants, etc.)

Fist Client:

Heineken ordered this new media first in summer of 2003, and continuously use it from that time.

The advantages of Bannair

· due to the cylindrical design, the original shape and packaging of the advertised product can be demonstrated – just the way everybody knows it;

· the dimensional representation is a novelty and as well as a new media spectacle for the target group;

· its newness and originality will produce longer lasting effects and impulses in the customers.

Therefore, Bannair not only attracts the eye and requires more observation time that produces a wider range of impetus but also provides such a media surface, which conveys the message of the original packaging.

Apart from reaching a higher-degree of impetus in the customers, it is also an excellent way of communicating changes in package design of the product.

The advantages of air advertising:

· very target group oriented since it reaches great masses of consumers by the quayside of Budapest, at festivals, concerts, sports events, in the parking lots of the hypermarkets, around Lake Balaton, and on or/and around the M7 highway

· the consumers can be reached wherever they shop and can receive a decisive impetus by Bannair right before shopping

· flexibility, and mobility (since the flight route can always be modified)


Bannair is a trademark; the name Bannair, and the 3-D cylindrical shaped air-towed display device with internal airflow are the intellectual property of and developed by Brazil Ltd., therefore both are protected by copyright laws. Under no circumstances can the name Bannair, and the above-mentioned communication medium be used without the consent of Brazil Ltd. The name and the communication medium can only be used by those air-service companies that have contractual relationship with Brazil Ltd.

Techncal details:

The towing is at 50-80 meters above terrain obstacles
The towing speed is approx. 90 kms/h


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